This page lists the major changes and improvements of each OpenSyncro version. More detailed technical changelog is included in the Source Code Package available from Download page.

OpenSyncro v2.2 (27.02.2008)

Changes since v2.1:

  • New built-in components:
    • JDBCSource for running SQL Select queries in a database and returning the result rows in XML format. Enables processing of arbitrarily large data sets by iterating through results instead of reading all rows to main memory.
    • RemoteOrderConverter for inserting and updating sales orders into a Workspace webshop. Provides the same functionality as RemoteOrderDestination component, but allows further processing steps to take place if sales order import finishes without errors.
  • Improvements:
    • HTTPSource, HTTPConverter and HTTPDestination components now allow choosing the character set encoding used to read HTTP server's response. Additionally it's possible to set "Content-Type" header information in HTTPConverter and HTTPDestination.
    • LocalFileDestination supports adding a specified string at the beginning and at the end of the written file. The feature is particularly useful in iterating Pipes that process multiple XML fragments and need to output a single XML declaration line and to include the result data inside a root element.
    • LocalFileWriteConverter's new "always overwrite" mode combined with use of LocalFileReadConverter provides means to temporarily store and retrieve data blocks during a single Pipe iteration step.
    • RemoteCustomerSource has new selection criteria parameters for exporting customer records which have been modified by webshop administrator and/or the customer herself after a given date and time.
    • WorkspaceHQLResultConverter: HQL object's property name may now include references to Hibernate object's collection type properties. This allows for example retrieving webshop product data by item code or stock amount of the product's option choices (product variants).
  • Important bugfixes:
    • JDBCSource and JDBCConverter components were double escaping XML reserved characters in the output.
    • LocalFileReadConverter could not be used in iteration mode, as it always returned null value after the first iteration step.
    • Workspace webshop connector components did not function under Java 1.6.
    • WorkspaceHQLResultConverter: unique value filtering from XPath query results was broken and also a few special characters were not properly escaped in the generated HQL query.
    • Deleting a Pipe did not work if it had Transfer log entries.
    • Top frame menubar is no longer duplicated when user logs in again after a timed out session.
    • After execution of a remotely invoked Pipe, in certain situations a ConcurrentModificationException was thrown in PipeExecutionThread's cleanup code.

OpenSyncro v2.1 (20.02.2007)

Changes since v2.0:

  • New built-in components:
    • HTTPConverter for sending HTTP and SOAP queries and passing the server's response for further processing by the next Pipe component.
    • LocalFileReadConverter for reading additional data from local files in the middle of the Pipe.
    • LocalFileWriteConverter for capturing data to local files from between other Pipe components. Facilitates testing and troubleshooting of integration Pipes.
    • RemoteCustomerSource for exporting customer data in XML from a Workspace webshop.
  • Improvements:
    • MySQL 5.0 support added.
    • Pipe execution alert emails now indicate name of the database on subject line.
    • Transfer log viewer improvements for handling large logs:
      • displays max. 100 log messages per page, instead of showing unlimited number of messages created by up to 10 Pipe executions
      • the amount of direct links to preceding and following log pages is now limited to max. 20
      • speed up for clearing a log.
  • Important bugfixes:
    • Simultaneously running Pipes from several databases via HttpStart could cause OpenSyncro to ignore further Pipe execution requests.
    • Remote launch of a Pipe via HttpStart picked the previously used setting for execution mode instead of the default value when mode parameter was missing from the execution request.
    • Pipe framework now properly detects exceptions that occur while notifying the Source component of last data block being successfully processed through the Pipe.
    • Pull-down menu in the navigation bar was broken if OpenSyncro webapp was not installed directly under the root context and/or had a different name than the default 'opensyncro'.
    • IteratingXMLSource did not preserve the chopped elements' parent elements' attributes, which resulted in invalid output data if the input XML used namespaces.
    • WorkspaceHQLSource and WorkspaceHQLOrderSource now abort Pipe execution if the HQL query returns an empty result.
  • Other changes:
    • RemoteOrderSource component no longer provides "Fetch only the updated orders" option as this selection criterion is not supported by Workspace webshop as of v1.8.1. Identical functionality can be accomplished by selecting orders by their handling status.
  • New 3rd party Connector Packs:
    • QuickBooks
    • Finvoice
    • Marketplaces
      • Google Base
      • eBay

OpenSyncro v2.0 (30.06.2006)

Changes since v1.3:

  • New features:
    • Asynchronous remote Pipe execution with a persistent Pipe Execution Queue
      • OpenSyncro can now queue up multiple remote Pipe execution requests in the database, processing them in the order of reception.
      • Prevents running multiple instances of the same Pipe simultaneously.
      • Option to automatically resume the processing of Pipe execution requests at OpenSyncro webapp startup.
    • Pipe List view:
      • Display information about the last execution of each Pipe: start time, end time, duration, final status and name of the user who started the Pipe
      • Pipes currently running are highlighted.
      • New Clone button for making copies of Pipes.
    • Pipe Editor now shows the Pipe status, start time, end time and duration after the execution has finished.
    • New option to send email notification when a Pipe execution aborts without an error.
    • HTTPS support for HTTPSource and HTTPDestination components.
    • HTTPDestination now supports sending SOAP messages.
  • Improvements:
    • Improved IteratingXMLFileSource: now it is possible to iterate over multiple root level elements (chop depth 0 now supported).
    • XSLT20Converter and XSLTConverter XSLT script's xsl:message texts are now written to Transfer log. Makes it convenient to create custom log messages about data the Pipe is processing, for example "Conversion successful for sales order #1234, customer #5555" or "Unknown discount code 'XYZ' detected, aborting".
    • FTPSource and FTPDestination: New option to select charset encoding of the transferred files.
  • Important bugfixes:
    • When adding a new entry to Transfer log all the Pipe's previous log entries were queried from the database, which eventually lead to excessive use of system resources.
    • Warning messages in Transfer log were deleted in dynamic logging mode if the Pipe execution did not fail with an error.
    • Deleting a Pipe did not correctly remove the Pipe's Transfer log messages, which caused an error when "Clear Transfer Log" button was pressed.
  • New 3rd party Connector Packs:
    • NetBaron
    • ProCountor
    • Econet 2000
    • SugarCRM

OpenSyncro v1.3 (31.03.2006)

Changes since v1.2:

  • New features:
    • Email notification system for alerting system administrators of problems in Pipe execution. Can be used to send detailed logs of all Pipe executions.
    • Dynamic logging option: technical details are logged only if Pipe execution fails.
  • New built-in components:
    • HTTPDestination: sends data in a HTTP request (GET/POST/PUT methods)
    • IteratingXMLFileSource: reads arbitrarily large XML files
    • RemoteOrderDestination: imports sales orders into a Workspace webshop
    • RemotePriceListDestination: imports contract pricing data to a Workspace webshop
    • WorkspaceHQLOrderSource: exports order data from Workspace using HQL and updates the exported orders' handling and payment status
  • Improvements:
    • RemoteOrderSource component now updates exported order handling statuses in Workspace only if the Pipe execution was completed successfully
    • Support for running multiple OpenSyncro instances with different configuration on the same application server
    • Added handling and logging of Java VirtualMachineErrors (e.g. OutOfMemoryError) to the Pipe framework
  • Important bugfixes:
    • Source and Converter components' sessions were not closed if a subsequent Converter or Destination component failed to initialize.
    • WorkspaceHQLResultConverter wrote 'null' to the beginning of output data when input data didn't start with an XML declaration line
    • ASCIItoXMLConverter's conversion script parser did not correctly skip comment and empty lines

OpenSyncro v1.2 (29.12.2005)

Changes since v1.1:

  • New built-in components:
    • HTTPSource: Retrieves a file from an HTTP server
    • IteratingFileSource: Reads a local file in blocks and sends them one-by-one through the integration Pipe. Makes it possible for example to process CSV tables larger than the available free memory.
    • JDBCDestination: Inserts and updates data into a database using SQL
    • JDBCConverter: Retrieves data from a database using SQL
    • StringSource: Sends a static text as an input to the integration Pipe.
    • WorkspaceHQLSource and WorkspaceHQLResultConverter: Exports product and order XML data from a Smilehouse Workspace webshop. Based on Hibernate Query Language (HQL).
  • Improvements:
    • FTPSource: Days increment/decrement option for automatic timestamp generation
    • ASCIItoXMLConverter and CSVtoXMLConverter: filter out invalid XML characters from output
    • CSVtoXMLConverter: a user specified text may be appended after the result table
    • CSVtoXMLConverter: option to exclude specific columns from the XML output
    • Selection of encodings extended in filesystem components
    • Pipe framework now logs iteration session open/close calls for each component
  • Bugfixes:
    • a Pipe component's error while closing the iteration session could cause subsequent components' sessions not being closed by the Pipe framework
    • XSLTConverter and XSLT20Converter did not allow XSLT scripts to access the file system
  • New 3rd party Connector Packs for integrating Smilehouse Workspace with Compiere and Exact ERP systems

OpenSyncro v1.1 (21.09.2005)

  • new XSLT20Converter component for XSLT 2.0 compatible XML transformations
  • new DirectorySource component for reading all files from a directory, with support for filename filtering using regular expressions
  • new MultiFileDestination component for creating multiple output files with a auto-incremented number in the filename
  • Tomcat security policy file for controlling OpenSyncro's filesystem and network access
  • first Open Source release with an example for creating external components in Java language
  • new example Pipes demonstrating product and customer data importing to Smilehouse Workspace

OpenSyncro v1.0 (23.06.2005)

  • Initial public release


27.02.2008: OpenSyncro v2.2 released

20.02.2007: OpenSyncro v2.1 released

30.06.2006: OpenSyncro v2.0 released

31.03.2006: OpenSyncro v1.3 released

29.12.2005: OpenSyncro v1.2 released


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