Feature highlights

  • web based graphical user interface for setting up and administration of integration processes, accessible with a standard browser
  • built-in components for:
    • accessing files on local filesystem and network drives, parsing data stream using XML or CSV tokenizer
    • FTP and HTTP(S) file transfers
    • calling Web Services
    • retrieving, inserting and updating data in relational databases (SQL/JDBC)
    • converting CSV tables and other types of text data to XML
    • converting XML data to other data formats using standard XSL transformations
    • splitting and joining data
    • exporting customer, sales order and product data from Smilehouse Workspace
    • importing product, customer and contract pricing data to Smilehouse Workspace
  • extensible with plug-in components. Smilehouse has developed Connector Packs for integrations with SAP Business One, HansaWorld, Exact Globe, Compiere ERP, Econet 2000, NetBaron, ProCountor, SugarCRM, QuickBooks systems and market places such as the Google Base and eBay.
  • synchronous and asynchronous remote invocation of data transfers: integration processes can be triggered and queued for execution by loading an URL with their name and start password as parameters
  • email notification of errors and warnings during integration process execution

OpenSyncro integration process model

Integration processes in OpenSyncro are modelled as data transfer Pipes, which consist of three types of configurable components executed in the following order:

  1. Source: Retrieves data from the source application, by e.g. performing database queries, downloading files or accessing a custom API.
  2. Converters: Perform data conversions, mappings and rule based business logic processsing.
  3. Destination: Sends the processed data to destination application.

Creating a new data transfer Pipe between two applications basically involves setting up the suitable Source and Destination components and optionally adding one or more Converter components in-between to handle data conversion tasks.

Example OpenSyncro integration of SAP Business One and Smilehouse Workspace

OpenSyncro SAP Business One to Workspace integration


27.02.2008: OpenSyncro v2.2 released

20.02.2007: OpenSyncro v2.1 released

30.06.2006: OpenSyncro v2.0 released

31.03.2006: OpenSyncro v1.3 released

29.12.2005: OpenSyncro v1.2 released


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